Jack and Jill Playschool is a Parent Cooperative Preschool Program for children ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Jack and Jill is owned and operated by the parents whose children attend the school. The philosophy which has made Jack and Jill a successful early education institution since the early 1950’s is based on learning through experience with the child’s family as an integral part of the philosophy. The heart of our program is based on the “cooperative spirit”, everyone working together to provide a nurturing and educational environment for our children. We would like to feel we are an extension of your family.

A child’s parent is their most important teacher. You will teach your child their most valuable lessons in life. Participation allows you the opportunity to witness the countless wonderful moments occurring in the daily lives of our children. Extensive parent involvement is directly related to a child’s success in school. When children see their parent in the classroom, it reinforces the importance of education. Parent participation adds a new dimension to the classroom that enriches your child’s school experience. The expertise of a professional teacher and an expert on your child, you, are the most important ingredients for a successful first year.

Another important benefit of Jack and Jill Playschool is meeting other parents having the similar concerns and interests. You will have the opportunity to develop friendships that may last a lifetime.